Goodbye Sogndal

How do you leave Sogndal? How do you leave your colleagues, partners and best friends for 3 months? I did it with a smile and a goodbye shout: ”So long losers, enjoy the rain and I will be back for the snow.” Actually, it was not difficult at all. We have spent so much time planning lately, and everyone knows their job now. My part of it is done best in San Francisco.

Boeng 747 headed for San Francisco
Haukåsen airport…

Planning the trip however, was an interesting reminder of how IT and communication has changed the world. Imagine yourself having this conversation 10 years ago:

– How did you plan your trip to San Francisco?

– Ease as a breeze, found round trip tickets for less than $1000 at Then I skyped with our partners at Appdirect, an app marketplace for web apps. They offered me space in their office so I have a place to work. They also told me to monitor Craigslist for a place to live, but when I finally was about to close a deal that looked reasonable, I received a link from where several users warned me about the place. Then I discovered Roomorama, kind of a mix between and, so I booked a studio from a host with many ”likes”.

– And then you just left?

– Almost, I did a ”goodbye video” with my Android Smartphone. It will be posted on the company blog and shared through our Twitter and Facebook account. After that, I left. Nothing more to it.

So I left, and the video is here:

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  • jfb says: 

    Great blog post!

  • Google says: 

    I did a ”goodbye video” with my Android operating system Smart phone.

  • Natalia says: 

    So, here you are, a current addition to your local gym members’ list – and
    you have definitely no concept exactly where to start off.


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