Creating the worlds easiet time tracker is anything but easy. We had never accomplished this without the help of the following people and organizations :

In order of appearance (to us):

NTNUs investment fund for startups (for server)
Kunnskapsparken Sogn og Fjordane (for facilities)
Sparebanken Vest investment fund (for endless belief)
Sogn og Fjordane fondet (for cash)
Sogn Næring (for love and devotion)
Innovation Norway (for friends and money)
Sogndal (for snow and mountains… and more snow)
Linux, jQuery, php, MySQL, Eclipse, wordpress, phpmyadmin (for software)
Google, Dropbox (for tools) (just for fun)
Konrad Fagertun (for continous input) (for being an oracle and helping us out when we needed it so much that we got the idea to make an own credit site)
Framtidsfylket (for a free presentation tour of Norway)
Vidar Bondevik and Einar Kvam (for being at our board)
Carsten Maartmann-Moe (for great web 2.0 security consulting) (for giving us the front-page quote on our business plan. “Yast, on the other hand is painfully, stupidly easy to use.”)
Grunderskolen alumni and (for blogspace)

Our translators:
Google Translate (everything)
Omi and Luis Fernando Jaramillo (Spanish)
Alexander Kluge (German)
Gert de Gruijter (Dutch)
Charlie Hurel (French)
XXXXXX (Italian)
XXXXXX (Portoguese)
XXXXXX (Brasileiroooo, o pays de meu corracao)
Guybrush Treepwood A Mighty (Pirate)
XXXXXX (Your language)

– The Yast team –


Yast is a software company that builds easy-to-use, but powerful software. It's easy to make things complex; it’s incredibly hard to make things easy.

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Some Yast loving

Yast has to be the easiest to use time tracker, period. Keep up the great work! Glenn Murray - Divine Write

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