A Sneak Peek of Our New Features

Thank you!

Essential in the planning of new features was your feedback. To those who have contributed with feedback or simply signed up and never used it, but silently contributed to our statistics, thank you!

Here is a sneak peak at some of the new key features launching soon:

Improved sharing interface and expenses:

Managing your staff and co-workers will be significantly easier with a new Yast business concept. The new interface for sharing projects, adding co-workers and assigning access rights is now under construction. And a new feature is coming, adding expenses.


When asking what you wanted in your reports, we identified several upgrades needed to fulfill your requirements. Live reports, specialized reports for staff and economy among others, and graphs are among the report upgrades.


Billable tag for billable hours. Together with other tags ”invoiced”,
”ready”, ”approved” we have added an easy solution to control both
time and money flow either you are a freelancer or an enterprise.

Mobile clients:

We had a lot of fun planning the new mobile app. Several upgrades is soon in the making. Including features as: Track time worked in the past, a list of your time records and basic reports. Try the existing one by downloading from Appstoreor Android Market.

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  • Mauro solcia says:  (@smokybob)

    Great finally a full Android App.

    If you need a beta tester I’ll be glad to help.

    • Halvor Gregusson says: 

      Thanks Mauro,

      It´s not to come right away though. We´re mainly looking for developers for our first test runs (are you a developer?), but I´ll add you to our list when we´re closing to launch.

    • Mauro solcia says:  (@smokybob)

      Thanks too you and all the Yast team for the gorgeous app.
      BTW, Yes I’m a developer, mainly .Net and Java desktop apps, but I’m actually working on an Android App for Personal Finance Management, so I’m accustomed to the way android programming works.
      Glad to help if needed.
      Contact me via email or Twitt if you need me for the testing.

    • Halvor Gregusson says: 

      Great! What we need is not platform dependant, just developers who can differ development issues from interface design… I´ll add it to our list.

  • Doug Davidoff says:  (@StraightTalkPR)

    Wonderful news, and looks like you’ve certainly taken many of my desires into account. And so soon after I blogged about your service —

    • Halvor Gregusson says: 

      Thanks Doug,

      A vere good review, and I have responded there.

  • Gene says:  (@slasherwick)

    Wow, Yast is taking things a step further with this update. Kudos!

    • Halvor Gregusson says: 

      Thanks Gene,

      We´re not rolling out all at once, and they will come in steps to test 1 feature at a time.

  • Eric says: 

    Will there be an IPad app with this new update?

    • Halvor Gregusson says: 

      Not designed for iPad no, but the iPhone app will be native and will make sense to use on iPad as well.

  • Rudolf says: 

    Hi, as an android developer using Yast everyday I would love to do some beta testing for you, let me know :)

    • Halvor Gregusson says: 

      Perfect! I´ll add you to our list. Although, you´ll have to wait. We´re not quite there yet.

    • Korin says: 

      Java backend developer here and happy to do some beta testing as well! If you’re still adding people to your list, I’d like to be included.

    • Halvor Gregusson says: 

      Perfect Korin, you are added to our list

  • Al says:  (@kindersk)

    Will be good to see an improved app. But please please please don’t release it using Comic Sans MS.

  • Carl says: 

    Great. Im looking forward to the new report system. Is there a rough eta for that one?

  • Patrick says:  (@patrickforbes)

    Congrats on a job well done!

    I love the new features – especially the billable hours!

    Keep up the fantastic work and get yourself an affiliate program as I’d love to promote what you do!

    • Halvor Gregusson says: 

      Thank you for that Patrick. I can´t wait to get ourselves some good reporting to go with those new features. You will se an affiliate program somewhere in 2012, hopefully early on.

  • Christoph says: 

    So when can we expect to see any of this?


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