Using the 80/20 Rule to Maximize Your Effectiveness

The 80/20 rule (also known as the “Pareto Principle”) was “discovered” by Italian sociologist, economist and engineer Vilfredo Pareto, when he stumbled upon the fact that 80% of the land in Italy was owned by a mere 20% of the population, and that just 20% of his pea plants bore 80% of his pea pods.

Decades later, American management consultant Joseph Juran applied the principle to business on a much wider scale.  He examined the mysterious 80/20 relationship in multiple aspects of business and from there the “80/20 rule” – or “Law” it’s sometimes called—took on a life of its own.

While the exact figures in 80/20 calculations rarely ever match the famous 80/20 ratio, the principle underlying the equation usually proves sound:

  • The majority of profit comes from a minority of sales.
  • The majority of work is performed by a minority of employees.
  • The majority of consumer complaints come from a minority of the total customer base.

Knowing this, how can you apply the 80/20 rule to your business in order to boost your productivity, effectiveness and bottom line?  Consider it a litmus test you can use to prioritize tasks, examine current systems and pare down your business operations as needed.

As Brett Fox of EDN Networks notes, companies like Touchstone Semiconductors have been successfully using the magical power of the 80/20 rule for years to streamline their operations and provide a better user experience for their customers.

Below you’ll find several ways you can use the 80/20 rule in your business to make the most of your time, money and effort.

Controlling Expenses

Expenses can easily get out of hand – especially if you don’t know much about the in-depth financial operations of your business.  In these cases, the 80/20 rule can help you to curtail unnecessary expenses.

How?  Interestingly enough, around 80 percent (or so) of all the expenses accrued by any business are typically related to just 20 percent (or so) of the line items.  By focusing on this “Top 20” and finding ways to effectively manage or even reduce these expenses, you can make a tremendous impact on your overall bottom line – with a minimal investment of time and effort.

Forecasting Business

Plotting the future of your business is another time-consuming area of vagaries that can easily lead unsuspecting business owners down a slippery slope.  Most plot future sales with years’ worth of historical data, predictions for industry-wide business trends and possibly even nationwide or global trends thrown in for good measure.

But while you can’t throw out all of that data and expect to get an accurate forecast, you can cut down on your overall inputs by keeping in mind that – in general – 20% of your business activities, inventory and marketing are responsible for 80% of your past, current and future revenue.

By zeroing in on the factors that might affect your core 20%, you can get a general picture of your business’s outlook that may even be detailed enough to carry you through to a complete forecast.

Managing Employees

Managing employees is incredibly time consuming.  In fact, one study found that 57 percent of all managerial hours are dedicated to dealing with “difficult” staff members.  Using the 80/20 rule to evaluate your team can significantly improve the company’s efficiency, as well as your own personal time management.  As Steve Strauss says, “if 20% of your employees produce 80% of your results, you need to figure out who those 20% are and reward them appropriately.”

However, that’s only one side of the coin.  That underperforming 80 percent needs some attention as well, given that efficient teams (such as the one at Touchstone) will have a much more agreeable percentage.  In fact, a representative for the company claims that they have “over 80 percent of the employees producing close to 100 percent of the output.”  Some of your 80% can be trained, educated or reformed – though some, unfortunately, are just dead weight that need to be trimmed.


If 20% of your products or services are responsible for 80% of your sales, then those 20% should be given priority – both in marketing and in-store placement – above the others.  This will only increase their movement further, padding your company’s profit margins.

Be aware, though, that your top 20% products may already be at peak performance.  If this is the case, the remaining 80% of your products and services may need a little updating.  Perhaps they just need to be marketed more using better strategies, or maybe they need to be redesigned or even replaced in order to join your collection of top earners.

Customer Relations

Following the 80/20 rule, your top 20% of customers are going to be responsible for the vast majority of your sales.  You should reward that select group and make the most of your networking/marketing time/money by targeting those few aggressively.

However, as Anne Parys of Law Practice Today says:  groom tomorrow’s top 20 percent for future profits.  You can’t afford to completely ignore the lower 80% of your customers – that’s a recipe for disaster.  However, you should constantly be looking for those specific individuals or companies that you think can be brought into your elite “20%.”

On the other hand, if some of your customers are becoming more trouble than they’re worth, it might be time to trim the dead wood.  The 80/20 rule applies here as well.  In general, 80% of your total complaints come from just 20% of you customer base (usually even less than that).  If you’re spending all of your time and effort addressing concerns raised by these few customers, you’re wasting resources.  You could instead be grooming your other 80% of customers to make their company interactions much more positive.  Cut the cord – if you can.

Focusing Your Efforts with the 80/20 Rule

The 80/20 rule isn’t a hard and fast business law – there’s a lot of leeway there and your exact percentages will vary greatly.  However, as a general rule of thumb, the 80/20 principle can be extremely effective – and it isn’t just about the “meta” operations at your business.  You can apply it to daily business tasks or to the following personal behavior as well:

  • Email
  • Media consumption
  • Office “gossip”
  • Telephone calls
  • Task scheduling
  • Commuting
  • And much more!

The premise behind the 80/20 rule is that you should spend the most time, effort and resources on the activities, products and services that will bear the most fruit.  By identifying instances of this rule at play in your life, you’ll be better prepared to eliminate waste and, therefore, increase your efficiency and profitability in the future.

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