The Habits of Highly Successful People

Highly successful people stand apart from the rest. They rise to the top as others take notice that they get the job done. They’re often the first ones to be recognized with promotions, awards and other expressions of corporate gratitude. But why? Well, it’s simple, really. Highly successful people are more effective than most other workers.

Successful people take on tasks in the workplace that others might not think of – even though these opportunities are within everyone’s reach. A successful worker goes above and beyond, where an ordinary worker curbs his effectiveness by thinking small.

The highly successful person and the “under-the-radar” worker often look similar on the outside. Sure, the less efficient worker tends to manage time poorly and has trouble coping with stress, but he can hide these weaknesses beneath stacks of paper and routine.

Highly successful people, on the other hand, engage in good habits as workers. If you want to become a more successful person yourself, you’d be wise to adopt the following behaviors that are commonly found in effective workers:

They are always on time – no matter what. Highly successful workers make it a habit to plan ahead and be early, just in case there’s an unexpected obstacle that might slow them down.

They stay organized. Organization might be important to regular workers, but to the effective, highly successful person, it’s practically a religion. These highly successful people are the list makers, the calendar drafters, and the rememberers of birthdays and deadlines. If you need something planned or organized, highly successful workers have the skills you need.

They can handle stress. One of the most important habits of a highly successful worker is good stress management. Successful workers often have more responsibilities than their less efficient counterparts – whether self-imposed or not – which is why it’s crucial that they develop techniques to deal with stress.

They are independent… Highly successful people don’t need constant input or feedback from others to be successful. Instead, they can get work done independently without any hand holding, simply because they’re confident in their own abilities.

…Yet they ask questions. At the same time, these workers recognize when they don’t have all the answers they need to work effectively. Instead of blindly going forward, highly successful people know when to ask for help on a work project or in their personal lives. This doesn’t represent mere hand holding – it’s actually an important clarification of duties, goals and expectations.

They communicate. The highly successful person is straightforward with his feelings. Not only does he ask questions, but he also shares his goals and any useful advice he has in order to create an environment in which everyone can bloom.

They don’t get caught up in details. Highly successful people always see the big picture, and they rarely “sweat the small stuff.” At work, they direct their energy towards bigger goals and don’t get upset if one small thing doesn’t go their way. They continue despite these small disturbances.

They don’t rest on their laurels. The difference between someone who’s highly successful and someone who’s simply in a position of authority is simple – the highly successful person will continue to work on improving his skills in order to avoid stagnation. After a certain amount of success, the temptation to maintain the status quo is great – but a highly successful worker grows despite this success.

They have spirit. Highly successful people aren’t just mindless drones. They are where they are in life because they want to be there. The highly successful worker works because he likes what he’s doing.  As a result, you’ll see him smiling and bringing joy to others – something that’s endlessly important in the workplace. Unhappy people don’t perform well anywhere, but especially not in office settings.

    It’s hard to paint a perfect picture of the highly successful worker, as these effective employees come in all genders, ages and chosen careers. But when you see one, you’ll know – and you’ll want to take notes! If you want to be an efficient, on time, organized and spirited worker who reaps the rewards coming to him, these are the people you’ll emulate in order to grow as a highly successful person with every passing day.

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