Yast Team

Yast CEO

Halvor Gregusson

CEO and Founder

Hi, I´m Halvor. I´m the CEO of Yast, and because our organization
mainly consists of developers, my work is all about organizing everything
else. What it entails for me is learning every aspects of our business, identify and capture what and who we need on-board to make our company a success. I am also the most public face of our company and love to do presentations and pitches in front of a live audience.

And yes, I love our users. Several times, I have gotten into serious
non-Yast-related conversations with users leaving us a feedback. I love to hear from them.
Did you ever notice that when you turn off the engine of a sailboat, it´s all quiet except for
“swoosh, swoosh” sound? That´s when you know you are sailing, and there´s nothing like it.

Yast CTO

Jørn Sandvik Nilsson

CTO and Founder

Hello, I´m Jørn. As the CTO, I make sure that all the new features are developed and implemented correctly. I also keep an eye on the day-to-day functionality. Since with a team like ours, there are always plenty of opinions pulling us in different directions, it´s important to prioritize and stay focused on what needs to be done. So my job consist of bringing all the ideas together, tear them apart, build them back up again, and get the job done. Fun stuff! If you can´t do anything about it, then put it aside until you can.. Go surfing instead.

Yast Founder

Jørgen Borgesen

Senior Developer and Founder

I´m a programmer. No executive title, no fancy names. Just plain, old programmer.
But if I have a slow day programming, I like to experiment with Yast’s design, and if it looks good, I pass it on to the team. Oh yes, back home and at the office, they call me”back flip Borgesen” because back flip is my signature snowboard trick. But you didn’t need to know that!

Yast Founder

Håvard Halvorsen

Head Interaction Designer and Founder

Hi there. I’m Håvard. While I was completing my Master in robotics, I handpicked an awesome crew composed of fellow students to help build a technological startup based on my latest idea, the time tracker Yast.

I’m the go-to guy in the team. Mostly I am a coder, but am pretty handy with Photoshop, and always a bit of a visionary. I am also the CEO of nLink, our consultancy agency, which is housed right next to Yast in the stadium. I love Yast, and I’m constantly nagging Halvor with
my ideas. I just to make sure Yast is the number 1 time tracker on the market. I believe that life is what you make it to be. Most winter days, you can find me skiing downhill the fantastic mountains on the west coast of Norway, right next to the Yast office.

Yast Founder

Øivind Loe

Developer and Founder

My name is Øivind. I´m Jørns programming”assistant”. Even though, my full-time job is a lead developer at a local microchip company, I am committed to Yast. I focus on how the platform performs with its various components. At Yast, I usually work with behind the scenes stuff, such as performance optimizations and the external API, but not all of my work is hidden from the users. I am the guy responsible for the timeline bar. When I’m not immersed in countless lines of sexy code, listening to rap-music, you can find me dancing the salsa.


Yast is a software company that builds easy-to-use, but powerful software. It's easy to make things complex; it’s incredibly hard to make things easy.

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Yast has to be the easiest to use time tracker, period. Keep up the great work! Glenn Murray - Divine Write

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