Introducing ‘Glenn’s tips’

About a year back, we got an email from one of our users, Glenn Murray, suggesting a few improvements to the Yast time tracker. Glenn’s a freelance copywriter who had tried nearly every time tracker on the net, only to be disappointed. Then he discovered Yast!

From the conversation that followed, it became clear Glenn was already something of a Yast power user. He was doing things with Yast we’d never thought anyone would do, and had feature requests we’d never imagined.
So when we decided to introduce guest bloggers to our blog, Glenn was the first name that came to mind.

Please welcome our first guest blogger… Our biggest critic, and Yast’s most nagging, detailed oriented, compulsive problem finder: Glenn Murray. We think you’ll enjoy his thoughts (and rants) as much as we have.

(As an aside, Glenn’s a bit obsessive when it comes to finding and dissecting productivity apps. He commits to one only when he’s convinced it’ll do what he needs, and that it’s worth investing time in. So we’re very pleased that he loves Yast, and has been a user for nearly 2 years. We take that as a good sign that our time tracker is one of the best out there.)

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