Yast Time Tracker

  • 1-click timers

    To start timings,just click Start on a timer. To stop – you guessed it! – click Stop.

    All your projects and tasks are in front of you, so no need to type anything or go digging through tedious drop-down menus.

    Of course you can add extra detail if you want, just by double clicking the timeline.

  • Color-coded timeline

    As you track time, your timeline automatically updates. If you work for hours on a task, it gets a big chunk in the timeline. Only a short while, and it gets a small chunk.

    By color-coding your tasks, you can see at a glance where you’ve spent your time.

    TIP: Assign the same color to every timer in a folder, and you’ll always have a feel for which projects are taking most of your time


  • Share projects & tasks across your team

    Share a timer or folder with anyone. simply by entering their email address.

    Print timesheets for the entire team or just select users

    Dashboard totals and sub-totals of your individual time

  • Private projects

    Every user has it´s own personal folder in Yast. Use it to improve personal time management when you´re not at work.

  • Report by user or entire team

    Print timesheets for the entire team or just select users

    Save timesheets as PDF,CSV or Excel, or preview inHTML


  • Easy admin

    No tricky security privileges. Just add and remove email addresses to add or exclude users.

    Report on individual timers, folders or users, or on everything at once.

  • Powerful API

    Collect data from Yast

    Manipulate data within Yast

    Add new data to Yast

    Data includes users, records, projects, logins,

    Get started with the Yast time tracker API…

  • See timer totals & sub-totals on your dash

    You can see the total time for any project folder at the top right. Yast time tracker automatically adds up all the timers in the folder.

    See total time for sub-folders.


  • Add Notes

    Add extra detail to your tracked time by double-clicking the timeline.

    Or by editing the list of latest records


  • Track time with your mobile

    Install the Yast Mobile app for iPhone or Android, and track time wherever you are.

    Defaults to recent timers to reduce clutter

    Try it, right here in your browser.

  • Use your timer from any computer

    So long as you have internet access, you can log in and use your timer.

    No software to install.

  • Projects & tasks — Yast works how you do

    If you time at the project level, Yast will work for you. If you time at the task level, it’ll work for you too.

    In Yast, there are no projects and no tasks, only ‘Timers’. You can treat a timer as a project or a task — or even a company or client — it’s completely up to you.

    If you’re starting a new task or project at work, click ‘New timer’. Name it, color-code it, then start timing.

  • If you time at the project level…

    If you time at the project level, and you’re not interested in how long the individual tasks of a project take, just set up 1 timer per project.


  • If you time at the task level…

    If you time at the task level, and you want to know how long each of the small tasks in a project take, set up a folder for each project, then add a series of timers within the folder.

    You can see the total time for any project folder to the right of the dashboard. Yast automatically adds up all the timers in the folder.


  • Folders & sub-folders…

    You can have as many levels of nested folders as you like.

    And still, you can see the total time for any folder at the right of the dashboard.


  • Drag & drop anything…

    You can drag a timer or folder wherever you like.

    When you move stuff, the project folder times automatically update

    TIP: With the above structure, you’ll always have a running total of time spent on Design projects, without cluttering up your workspace


  • Unlimited projects, sub-projects & tasks

    Even in the free version of Yast time tracker, you can have as many folders and timers as you want

  • Print timesheets for anything

    Click Report on any folder or timer to save PDF timesheets for any period.

    Sort by timer, week, user (Yast Pro only) or record type

    Include logged hours or logged phone calls

  • Edit tracked time

    If you forgot to turn a timer off, you can change the end-time simply by dragging the timeline back.

    Or by double-clicking the timeline and entering new dates or times

  • Enter time before or after you do something

    Just click and drag in an empty space in the timeline, to create some tracked time.

    Yast will pop up a form for you to fill in with the details.

  • Track time spent on mobile calls

    Install the Yast Calls time tracker app for iPhone or Android, to automatically track time spent on calls

    Time is automatically logged to the right client



Yast is a software company that builds easy-to-use, but powerful software. It's easy to make things complex; it’s incredibly hard to make things easy.

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Yast has to be the easiest to use time tracker, period. Keep up the great work! Glenn Murray - Divine Write

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