Hugo is user of the week

Last week´s “user of the week award” goes to:
Hugo van den Beld

He has won this gadget worth less than $10:
Unique 1.0″ LCD Clip-on Red Wine Digital Thermometer (1*AG10)

Hugo has spent hours of his time doing fixes on our dutch version of Yast.

Thank you Hugo and congratulations.

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  • FoklDck9ZvQ6 says:  (@sAXRYIJwg)

    That’s a knowing answer to a difcufilt question

  • XwNJWf8AwL08 says:  (@2VuxVAFuEid)

    My weekend involved labour on Saturday and recovery time for my cold on Sunday and Monday (boo).Haha do you remember that episode of The Simpsons where Lisa wins an essay contest and the family goes to DC, and Homer and Marge stand in front of the Washington Monument and giggle? I love that show way too much…

  • dG7uu5eV says:  (@CBmtSdX46)

    What an inspiration you are to other woman who have had to face difficult situations. You did it and look how wonderful and blessed it turned out. No matter how far you are from your family you are still a family. What you have given them, how you have raised them and the example you are for them are things that you should be so proud of. Thanks for sharing your story and being an inspiration to us all.

  • 4kpOZPn8k says:  (@NSfR927kLE)

    no stoji za uvahu…..posledna veta je podla man rozhodujuca, individualny pristup kazdeho z nas bude kompasom ktory urci v akej relite sa ocitneme, ci to bude realita nasilna alebo laskava…..

  • 3A7yOe6eOD1G says:  (@k3XFZiVDX)

    Ich kiffe gern und viel und gehe außerdem regelmäßig Blutspenden. Ich bin sogar schon stoned zur Blutspende gegangen. War alles kein Problem. Diese Woche gehe ich zu meiner 10. Vollblutspende, wahrscheinlich wieder bekifft hihi.T., 21

  • 2JEN09PoWfv says:  (@esnd0TNIqAss)

    That’s a smart way of looking at the world.

  • 13gV5wmiSOt says:  (@ftVOQafD)

    That’s the smart thinking we could all benefit from.

  • DrEGYEJ43Y4 says:  (@tsbk41B1)

    C’est super ce que vous faites ! Je suis très heureuse de pouvoir contribuer à améliorer la vie de ces gens, par votre biais. J’espère avoir bientôt l’occasion de voir (photos) les travailleurs de Kawah Ijen mieux équipés grâce à nos dons. Merci à vous !

  • JMqkanUL says:  (@pqcfsD9YDLC)

    You’ve captured this perfectly. Thanks for taking the time!

  • INqoA3IxAd says:  (@6RpqAodI1NB)

    In hoc signo vincesUltraliberal rights have been imposed on societies they have not been arrived at through a process of greater knowledge or spiritual empathy and human understanding that could be called moral evolution.They are a political construct to advance a political agenda. Ultraliberal human rights the totalitarian moral code that will destroy us all majority and minority alike.

  • vL3JZpUJrimz says:  (@PKu5qeLfilcN)

    This web site is certainly instead useful because I’m on the minute making a web floral web site – even though I’m only beginning out as a result it is truly pretty little, practically nothing such as this website. Can hyperlink to some in the posts right here because they are really. Many thanks significantly. Zoey Olsen

  • S3qRZAq68r says:  (@9It8hnEH)

    I also topped one of the decanters with a holiday stopper, and added a ‘crystal’ droplet to the side of the oversize glass holding the pecans.  These are the unexpected details that help make your party special and memorable. To inspire the rest of your “Glam” party, check out the entire New Years Eve entertaining series:

  • wnvWyUI47no says:  (@EBvRTNP9DwI)

    I’m impressed! You’ve managed the almost impossible.

  • zwYAPbdCh says:  (@pLuBPCM7FLY)

    Help, I’ve been informed and I can’t become ignorant.

  • UPcj9dk2 says:  (@KWi6puSdIwZ)

    Saitpas selkeästi kyhättyä omat mielipiteesi ylös! Musta tuntui, että omat ajatukset meni ihan sekaisin ja siten oli vähän vaikea kirjoittaakin. Hmm, mä en kokenut oikeastaan ollenkaan tuota syyllisyys ja uhri -asetelmaa. Ehkä parempi niin ettei tullut kiinnitettyä huomiota :)

  • BBy14YrSnGKg says:  (@PAvReclz11X)

    Tè, où je suis ? je me suis trompé de manif.La grammaire ne cèdera pas ! La grammaire ne cèdera pas !Les autres :Tous ensemble, tous ensemble !Et la file passe , lasse, casse.Resterais-je sur le fil ?

  • ylvNaXhIL5D says:  (@xBdq5XlEYE)

    Mike, yep, part of the transition is already happening, ie . That lowers the cost of goods for most consumers but the problem is that it also lowers employment, without enough new employment opening up to replace the jobs lost. This changes when we figure out online monetization and widely deploy the solution.morganovich, I find these inflation debates somewhat pointless, but what do you make of ? That page links to his papers with more info about his claims.


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