5 Secrets To Yast Time Tracking

Yast´s simplicity is a story of our sincere anger towards complex user interfaces. We use Yast for internal time tracking, of course, and every once in a while, we get ideas we want to try out. Some have turned into important concepts; others are still hidden, yet practical. Here are five of them.

1. Click play, and then set start time
This feature came to life after several days forgetting to click ”play” when we got to work, but remembered it 10 minutes later. When tracking time, we wanted to include this time as well without making a time record for 10 minutes. So we added this: click play, then drag the starting ”edge” of the running record in your timeline back to when you actually started working. Neat? Or you didn’t understand it? Then watch this video.

2. Copy
Sometimes, you want to type the exact same comment on many time records on the same project/task. How do you do this efficiently? Click, drag and drop in the timeline to make your first time record. Then simply press the ctrl-key (cmd key for Mac), while dragging your time record. This creates a copy with an identical comment. Release the copy to create a new time record. This way, making 5 time records in rapid succession can be done in less than 10 few seconds.

3. Organize your projects/tasks for powerful reporting
It wasn’t a part of our initial drawings, yet it has become the key to tailor made reporting and the secret to keeping your project list nice and tidy. Have a look at the project lists in these examples.

Build levels:

Once you have your structure, then you can use it for practical use. If you want to make a detailed report for a level 4 project, click the report icon for that folder or project.

But if you want to have a detailed report for all folders and projects from level 1-4, click the report icon at the level 1 folder.

Some of you may have noticed that we are building a new report module these days. We want feedback and ideas! Remember to vote.

4. Projects/tasks, what’s the difference?
Sometimes, we get the question of how to organize new tasks. “It says create new project”. Some time tracking tools have very strict differences between tasks, projects and to do lists. We figured, what’s the difference. A project can surely be broken down into task, but tasks can be broken down into to do lists. And to do lists can probably be broken down even further. It depends on how you build your project structure. Make as many levels as you want, and call it whatever you want. It can be projects, tasks, sub-tasks or super projects. The truth is, we don’t care how you organize your work as long as you can use Yast to do it.

5. Ctrl + double click in timeline
It is the definition of laziness, which does occur at the end of a long workday. This is your situation:” I came to work at 9, but I finish NOW”. Instead of clicking and dragging from 9 till ”the red now line”, simply press the ctrl-key (cmd key for Mac), and double click at 9 in your timeline. This automatically creates a time record from 9 till NOW. If you wonder why you have to press the ctrl instead of simply double clicking, read here:

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Yast has to be the easiest to use time tracker, period. Keep up the great work! Glenn Murray - Divine Write

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