50 000 declarations of love

Yesterday our time tracker reached an important milestone. 50 000 users have signed up for the service. We have overcome the difficult obstacles of attracting the first users. In this process there is nothing more inspiring or motivating to us than a user publicly declaring love for Yast and tells us that we have made life just a little bit better.

The history of Yast

On our way to 50 000 users...

But while consultants tell their clients: “Make your users love you”, we have come to realize what everyone who has ever been in love must have felt. Love is a two-way relationship. And sometimes the best way to maintain a relationship is simply to say you love them back. So here goes.

I love you. 50 000 times.

How do I know? Knowing if you love one person can be hard enough, so you wonder how can I truly say I love you 50 000 times? I do not blame you for asking that question. After all, the world has bigger problems to solve than entering data into an application. But this is what we do. Yast is where we place countable (corrected from countless…) hours and by simply registering as a user, you are a part of our life.

And when I wake up, I wonder if you have any news for me? I wonder if you have told me something I need to know before I get to work. I am looking through feedback and fear you have discovered faults and errors I am not aware of and left as a result. I get frustrated when you do not understand our interface, but I know we are the ones that have to change. Sometimes you ask us to do things we cannot do. Sometimes all we can do is to answer your question with another question. Sometimes I feel miserable because we do not live up to your expectations. Knowing the only way to reach out to your wishes of quantum upgrade-leaps is for us to get a little better every day.

But I smile when I see you are using new features you had not discovered before, and I look forward to the next time you click a new button we designed for you to click. And when you give praise or tweet to the world that you love us, it is like a fuel injection into our engine of productivity. I appreciate every hour you share with us and I can tell you I love you not because I am fascinated by the looks of your website or a monthly fee, but because I want to be a part of your daily routine. When I go to sleep I hope you will be there in the morning. I know I love you simply because I think of you every day and I want you to come back tomorrow.

And I will love you for as long as you can scroll the timeline into the future.

Halvor Gregusson – CEO

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  • Michael says: 

    After using Yast for months, I decided to switch to premium today! After that I read your statement and am pretty sure that you won’t stop improving Yast, which is one of the most important points for online software I guess.
    Well, what I wanted to say is two things: Thank you for Yast and secondly, maybe you should stop drinking 😉

    • Dylan says: 

      While I have not switched to the premium version…yet… I must say that Yast is one of the most useful and time-saving tools I have ever used. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! I am currently getting everyone in my company to start using it. It has saved me time both tracking my own time and managing the time of others. You guys rock!

    • Halvor says: 

      Thank you guys! This is exactly what keeps us going. And yes, we are improving as a result of great feedback. Even if it is hard to keep up with the user requirements, we are working on it!


  • Paula says: 

    I love Yast. I have not moved up to the premium but I spread the gospel every where I can. I very rarely find a program that fits my needs and I can stick with. Yast is so easy that I have no excuses!

    • Halvor says: 

      Thank you Paula. I like that gospel. So easy that you have no excuse :) We might use that quote…

    • 1EnSFaoik says:  (@XRp2erzSQ)

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  • Read says: 

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