What Benefits Does Time Tracking Offer?

Where does the time go? If you find yourself asking this question all the time, then it is time that you actually found out what’s happening to all of that time. Chances are that the time is still there and it is hiding under your nose – you are just misusing it. Whether you are an individual who wants more time in his or her private life, someone looking to improve productivity at work, or a project supervisor, tracking time can offer a wide range of benefits.  Let’s look at all of these different advantages that tracking your time will provide in your life.

Benefit #1: Know Where It Goes

Unless you are tracking your time, you do not really know where all of it is going. This is true at home and at work. Just because you are at work, it does not mean that you are focusing on work 100% of the time. Chances are that some of your day involves getting online and getting lost for longer than you should with social networks and websites. It might involve chatting with coworkers and managers at the coffee machine or at the water cooler. When you are at home, one episode can turn into a night of binge watching everything on Netflix.

When you actually track your time, you will see where it is going and how you are spending it. This becomes very important for evaluating the things that you need to change, which we will cover next.

Benefit #2: Find the Areas to Improve

Once you start tracking your time, you will know where you are spending it, and the results might be a bit frightening. If you spend just an hour a day on the web, that’s five hours a week. If you spend another two hours with television a day, that’s another ten hours in the week. These things, along with all of the other time wasters, really add up. When you calculate everything at the end of the month, you could find that you have an additional forty hours or more that you can use if you improve your time spending habits.

Of course, you have to realize that changing habits is not easy. It takes time, and you really do need to focus on wanting to make those changes. You can use time tracking software to identify the areas where you need to improve, and then you can start to make changes.

Keep in mind that finding areas to improve does not mean merely squashing activities that are nonproductive, such as watching television. It also involves looking at the amount of time you are spending at your current tasks and seeing what changes you can make to the way you work in order to make things go faster for you.

Benefit #3: Provide Better Estimates

If you are a freelancer and you are working with clients, they expect an estimate for the work you will be completing. You want to make sure this estimate is accurate for several reasons. First, you do not want to overcharge the client, as a high price that’s out of line with the project can turn them away. Second, you do not want to undercharge the client. You don’t want to put in more time and effort working only to find that you won’t be able to complete the project on time and that you might have to eat some of the costs.

Time tracking will give you a much better idea of how you spend your time and how long it takes to complete different sorts of tasks and jobs. When you have this data, you will feel more comfortable providing a concrete estimate.

Benefit #4: Becoming More Productive and Less Distracted

Once you start to track your time, you should be able to increase your productivity and efficiency. The time tracker can point out your biggest areas of distraction as well. This could be the web, interruptions from coworkers, or any other issue that causes you to lose focus. Knowing what the distractions are will help you to avoid them so you don’t let them take control.

Benefit #5: Makes Life Easier for Project Managers

Project managers who don’t track the time of their employees working on the task are in for a world of trouble. Time tracking makes things more efficient as we’ve established, and companies of all sizes should certain consider using tracking software. However, it is important that the employees understand just why the managers are tracking their time. Make sure that they understand it is not a tool for punishment, and that you simply want to make things easier. It can help with a number of things, such as more accurate billing for the clients, more productivity from the employees, and to illuminate whether there could be a need to place more workers on the project to meet deadlines. Ultimately, it can help to provide a much better workflow for the entire company.

You Need the Right Program for the Job

It’s easy to see why tracking time is so beneficial for individuals and employees, but actually tracking that time can still be tricky. While some might be comfortable using pen and paper, it’s not exactly state of the art, and it’s easy to lose pieces of paper. Working with a quality software program that can offer tracking tools is a much better option. However, you have to make sure that you and the employees actually do decide to use the software, as it is only as accurate as the user. Get into the habit of logging time for everything that you do.

Take the time to look at the different software options on the market and find the ones that make the most sense for you or your company. Check out testimonials or reviews as well, and try to get an understanding of how the program works before you start using it. Simple is typically better, but you do want to have some great features.


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