Should Your Business Consider Time Management Software?

Both large and small companies can benefit from the use of time tracking and management software. It helps them to get a better idea of how their employees are spending their time, and it can help them to become a more productive company overall. Keeping good track of the time is essential for the success of any business. If there are employees who are incapable of keeping up with the needs of the company, or if they are willfully misusing their time, it is vital for the company to know about it.

Many Companies Have Problems with Wasted Time

A large number of companies around the country are facing these sorts of issues with a small number of their employees. They take extra time at lunch and during breaks, and they may be conducting some personal business during their work time. While it is understandable that emergencies arise and that sometimes they may occasionally need to be on the phone for those emergencies, many employees abuse this and everything becomes an emergency. These issues, everything that follows from having the manager’s speak to the employee to having to watch that employee’s actions, are time wasters.

Issues with the employees who are willfully wasting time are certainly not the only problems though. Other time wasters can creep up on employees and entire organizations without one even realizing it. Consider some of the other activities throughout the day that could cause you or your employees to waste time. Having needless meetings is a prime example. Some companies have meetings daily, or multiple times a day, which pulls the employees away from their projects.

Time tracking tools can help to prevent this problem and others. By requiring that your employees, managers, and others at the company start using the time trackers, you can keep track of what is happening in the workplace. After tracking the time and where everyone is spending it, the employer can then make some changes.

Of course, it is about more than just watching the employees. In fact, most employees are great and do not actually need “watching”. The real way that the time trackers can help is by showing how much time employees are spending during each part of the project or workday. This can in turn show the employers where they might need to add more help or shift their resources to make the company more efficient.

Consider How Time Tracking Software Could Help

In addition to ensuring there is no wasted time at the company, tracking time for the employees can help make it easier to manage the various tasks within the company. Businesses of all sizes tend to have multiple projects going at the same time – this is true of many freelancers as well. Knowing how long it should take to complete all of those projects is helpful for the employees, employers, and the clients alike.

Quality time tracking software can offer other help for employers as well. Some software even allows companies to work on streamlining their payroll system. They can create timesheets for use with the employees that track the hours the employee actually worked, which will ensure that the pay is accurate. This makes it much easier to keep track for those small and mid-sized companies that have a growing number of employees, but that do not have a fulltime payroll department to handle the task.

Working with Clients

When you have clients and customers that pay you on an hourly basis, they certainly want to know where all of their money is going. You should be able to provide them with a breakdown of how and where the time was spent on the project, and the right time tracking software can make doing this much easier. This ensures that you are charging the correct amount for the project as well. If you were to overcharge a client, and they discovered that you were billing them for time your employees were spending watching videos on YouTube or researching other projects, they would not be happy. Chances are very high that you would lose a client even if you offered a discount.

By providing accurate billing statements that use data from your time tracking sheets to show exactly how long the employees spent working on the project, it provides the openness and transparency that most people will want from a company they deal with. Keep in mind that accurate billing goes both ways. If you really did work X number of hours on a project, then you need to have the correct pay for the work your company did. Time tracking provides accurate billing for everyone.

Talking with Your Employees

Upon choosing a type of software for tracking your time, you need to make sure that your employees know what it is and why you are doing it. The majority of your employees are hard working people who are trying to do a great job. It’s only a small number of people who are wasting time. Yet, when you introduce one of these systems without explaining it to your employees, everyone feels like a criminal.

Simply let them know the benefits that the software can offer, such as streamlining the company and making everything more efficient, and they should understand how it really is the best choice for the business. They will be willing to adopt the system, as they can see how it could help to make their day easier. Some might be wasting time without even realizing it, and when they track their time, it can put them on the right course.

Find Quality Software and Applications

When you are considering time tracking software, you do not want to choose just any system. You really do need to look at the apps and software to see just what it can offer. Do they have a desktop and laptop version that your employees can use? Does the system have apps for mobile devices? Your company might have some employees who work in the building from 9 to 5, but you might have other employees, such as salespeople, who are out of the office and who still need to track their time. Make sure the software you choose can accommodate everyone, and make sure it is easy to use.


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