How to Choose Time Tracking Software

In the past, the only way that companies had to track time with any degree of efficiency was with a handwritten timesheet, or perhaps a punch card. These were par for the course for decades, but new technology has made it far easier to track time. It allows users to boost their productivity levels and the overall efficiency of the company, which is always important regardless of the type of business you might be running. However, when it comes to choosing the right software, things can grow a bit muddled. With so many options available, how could you possibly choose the right piece of software for your company?

A little research goes a long way, but you also need to know what sorts of things you should be looking for with the software before you buy. Let’s learn more about some of the most important elements that will help you and your employees keep much better track of the time you are spending.

Is the Software Web-Based?

Most companies today have a constant connection to the web. It’s nearly impossible to do business without a web connection for most of the employees, as they need to access email, online information, the social sites for the company, and more. Therefore, it makes good sense to choose a piece of web-based software. Instead of loading the software onto each person’s individual computer, and then trying to gather all of that data, a web system simply works easier.

You do not need to worry about updating and replacing the software, as this will happen automatically. Second, it’s easier for those who need to have access to the data to have it instantly, from nearly any web connected device. This can also make it easier for employees who might not be in the office to track their time. For example, for those workers who are working from home or who work from the road, such as salespeople or those who are working while at a conference, it makes tracking nice and simple.

Consider the safety factor as well. Since the software is running on multiple servers and is in the cloud, it means that if one server were to crash, you’d still have backups and the information you need. If you had software running on individual computers, or even your local server, there’s always a chance for data loss. A crashed computer or a flooded server could cause a catastrophe. You don’t have to worry about that with the web-based software.

Geared to Your Business

All companies are different, and that means that your needs might be different from those of other companies. It depends on the size of the company, the number of employees, and the type of work they are doing. When you are choosing software, ask yourself just who will need to use the software. Should it be a companywide implementation, or do only those working on certain projects need to use the software? Will you be using it to help with payroll as well, which is something that many businesses are doing? Take the time to write down just what you need the software to do, and then you can more easily sort through the different available options.

Additionally, you will need to look at what type of reports the software is able to provide. This will let you know the types of data you will be able to collect through the software.

Is It Easy to Learn and Use?

You don’t want to buy into software that has a long and steep learning curve. You want yourself and your employees to be up to speed on using the software as quickly as possible. The simpler it is the easier it will be for your employees to adopt and use it regularly. An easy control system can also make things flow more smoothly for collecting the information and data, for payroll, scheduling, and much more.

One of the best ways to see whether the software is easy to learn is to see if you can access a demo or a trial. This will give you some hands on time where you can try out the different features and learn what they all do. It will give you a much better idea of whether it is something that will work for you and your company or not.

Even though the software may be simple to use, you should always take the time to be sure that each of your employees know how to use it properly, and that they are actually doing it on a daily basis. If they do not, you will not be able to record accurate data. By connecting the time tracking to the payroll, you will find that most employees will not forget to keep track, as they certainly want to be paid!

Why Do You Need to Track Time?

How much time goes wasted at your company right now? If you aren’t tracking your time, then you have no idea, and there’s a chance that you could be losing thousands of dollars a year because of it. By collecting the data and knowing where all of the time goes, it becomes much easier to improve the efficiency of your company, which can boost productivity levels and overall output. If you aren’t keeping tabs, or you are doing a haphazard job of it, the loss will eventually catch up to you and affect your profits.

Whenever you are choosing this type of software, or any program for your company, make sure that you look at all of the features it offers, and see if you can find any online reviews. They should help to give you a better idea of how the system will work when implemented in the real world. Take your time and examine the different options on the market, and then choose the one that is able to offer the best features and the best price, as long as it meets the requirements of your particular business.


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