Eliminate time thieves

Time thieves are like ninjas, sneaking in undetected and clobbering your sense of time management. They make off with your precious time like thieves in the night. It’s time that you learned some ways that you could combat those nefarious ninjas by eliminating all of the time wasters that seem to plague every workplace. Whether you are working on your own or at a company with other employees, you will find quite a few daily time wasters that are sapping your productivity and sucking away your time. Let’s look at some of the biggest time wasters out there. Once you know what they are, you will see that it is possible to banish them and maximize your productivity at work.

Instant Messaging

Many companies set up networks so all of the employees can connect with one another instantly through messaging applications, which are similar to those found on social networks. They can be helpful in some cases, such as when you are looking for information for the project you are working on right then. However, they tend to turn into informal chat fests where people talk about everything except work.

You can eliminate this time thief by ignoring those messages that are not important, or simply by letting people know that you are busy – which is less rude than simply ignoring them. Do not use the messenger unless you really need it for work. After all, that’s the reason it is there.


You need to check your email. However, you do not need to check your email every fifteen minutes. Reading and writing email can be convenient and a good way to communicate, but you should not continually check your email throughout the day. Set up a schedule where you can check and respond just a couple of times during the day, and you will be able to save quite a bit of time.


Meetings can be important, but they have a tendency to drag on longer than they should. Meetings at the company should be as short as possible and to the point. You should not have too many meetings either. Companies and managers that rely on constant meetings that have no purpose are wasting a substantial amount of hours given the number of people that have to attend the meeting.

Too Much Multitasking

Some people feel that they are excellent at multitasking. While there may be some people out there who are great at it, most people fail miserably. They try to do too many things at once, believing they can get more done in a shorter period. Unfortunately, it rarely works out that way. Ultimately, the quality of each project will suffer, and many end up incomplete or late. The thought of multitasking might sound great, but it’s not something you will likely want to try, unless the tasks are extremely short and simple.


Having an organized workspace always increases efficiency. Disorganization and clutter breed chaos on your desk and in your mind, and it is hard to complete all of the tasks that you need to complete. It might be difficult to find the things you need on your desk. The clutter might simply be too much of a distraction. Have a clean workspace that is clear and free of distractions. Yes, you should have some personality to your workspace it the company allows it, but you have to make sure that none of the personalized touches you add will actually distract you from your work.

The Web

The Internet, as helpful as it can be, is one of the biggest problems when it comes to wasting time. This is true at work as much as it is at home. Even if your work computers do not connect to the web, chances are good that you have a smartphone or tablet that does. Getting online during work just to check the social media sites, your personal email, or your favorite gossip site is just going to cause trouble. Before you know it, you are spending too much time looking up information that is in no way relevant to your work. Perhaps YouTube caught you in its trap and you just keep watching cat videos. It happens to the best of us, but it is a surefire way to have your time go missing.

Long Breaks and Lunches

Another issue that many people have is with their lunches and their breaks. This is true of employees at companies of all sizes, including those who are working on their own. Taking just five minutes extra on a break and ten minutes extra on your lunch can affect the amount of work you complete in a day. While being late back from the breaks and lunch might happen occasionally, the real trouble stems from people who are making a habit of it.

Consider this. If they are late from lunch ten minutes each day, and late from breaks five total minutes a day, that’s fifteen wasted minutes. It does not seem like much until you start adding it up. They waste 1.25 hours per week, and five hours a month. Over the course of a year, they could waste sixty hours, or about a week and a half worth of work hours. Imagine if several employees had this habit.

Crushing the Time Wasters

Time tracking software for you and your employees is one of the best ways to locate where all the time waste lies and to eliminate it. Good tracking software will let you see where your troubles are so you can put an end to them. It will also ensure accurate timekeeping for absences, how people spend time through the day, payroll, and more. It is an excellent solution that will work to stop the time thieves at companies of all sizes.

When you are choosing some software for your time tracking needs, just make sure that it is simple to use. You want to have a program what works simply so your employees will not have any trouble learning to use it and integrating it into their daily routine.


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