How to Find More Time in the Day to Do What You Want to Do

Some people seem to have all the time in the world. They are able to enjoy their hobbies, volunteer, take classes, and still put in a great workday five days a week. If you’ve ever wondered just how they managed to handle everything that life has to offer, wonder no more. The secret to having more time in the day to do the things you want is not winning the lottery. Instead, you need to learn how to manage your time better. With proper time management, it becomes much easier to handle more during the day and still have time for yourself. Let’s look at some of the ways that you can do that. Fortunately, it does not have to be too difficult, and this article will help you to get a better handle on time.

Taking Back Time

Is it really possible to take back time? When you employ some of the tips and techniques that follow, you will find that it is indeed quite possible to gain more time during the week. You can become more efficient with the work that you do, and you can become a more efficient person overall.

Track your Time

One of the best ways to get a handle on your time is to track it. Time tracker software and devices can help you to have a far better understanding of where you are wasting your time. It can also help you to understand exactly how long certain types of activities take, or should take, each day. When you know the length of time that it takes to complete Task A, B, and C, it becomes easier to see when you are off track and behind schedule. You can then look at how you’ve been spending your time and find the elements that are causing you to waste it.

One of the simplest ways to track your time is with software, since you are likely at a computer or other device most of the time anyway. You can enter your schedule, the amount of time it is taking you to complete each task, and more. Track your time without making any adjustments in the beginning. Look for areas where you are spending too much time on certain tasks, and then look for the reasons that you are spending too much time.

Often, you can start to pinpoint some things that are distracting you from keeping your mind on work and your projects. Perhaps you are being too social at work. You might be on the Internet or the social networks more than you should be, or you could be spending all of your time checking email. All of these things – and more – could be sapping away your time at work. You can find other things that will steal your time while you are at home, such as television. By tracking how you are spending your time, it becomes much easier to make sure you aren’t wasting it.

Plan Properly

One of the biggest time wasters for any project – at work or at home – is improper planning. Without a plan, as well as contingency plans for when things go wrong, you are sure to be wasting plenty of time if there is an issue with the project. Think several steps ahead with any type of project you are undertaking so you will always know what comes next. This ensures that you are staying on track with the project as much as possible.

It should be possible to turn any project into a series of steps no matter how complicated it might seem and no matter how many people might be working on it. Some projects will naturally have more steps than others will, but it truly is worth it to plot those steps and track the time you are spending on them.

By planning a little bit of extra time for each project, it can help to save you from feeling frustrated when you do end up taking more time than the project should take.

Make Changes

After you start tracking your time with the routine projects you undertake, as well as special projects, you will start to notice areas where you are still wasting time. They could be small or large time wasters, and having time tracking software will help you pinpoint them so you can eliminate them. Make those changes to the way you are approaching each task, and you will discover that it really is possible to find more time in your week.

Benefits of Tracking Time

When you track your time, you and your company will be far more efficient. If you are working solo, it can make it easier to accomplish the tasks you need to each day and it can keep you on top of all of the projects you are handling. If you have employees, whether it is just a few or a large number of them, time tracking can help to make the entire crew more efficient.

You can save time, and when you save time, you are saving money as well. This is important to the bottom line of any business. However, don’t think that tracking time and saving time is only for businesses. Anyone who has a project at home, such as cleaning or yard work can benefit from time tracking. Whenever there is a task to do, keep track of the time it is taking you to do it.

With repeated tasks, you will start to see patterns where it might take you longer to finish. For example, if you are cleaning and find that certain things distract you, such as the television, old photo albums, or any other distraction that can take you away from your task, then you have to remove them. Acknowledge the things that tend to distract you, thus causing you to waste time, and remove the temptation. Turn off the television, forget the cell phone, and keep to the task at hand if you want to finish.


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