How Can Real Estate Agents Make Effective Use of Time Tracking Tools?

Many professions seem to tug people in a million different directions at once, and one of the jobs that have an uncanny ability to do this on a daily basis is that of real estate agent. Agents need to wear many different hats, and they need to be able to take care of a variety of issues in a given day. They also have unpredictable days, or at least they seem unpredictable, which can make getting everything done on time difficult. This is why some agents find that they are putting in extra hours just to handle the necessities of their job.

Do you really need to put in that many hours at the office though? What if you could find some extra time during the day? While you might feel as though you are running as efficiently as possible right now, that might not be the case.

Using time tracking software can help real estate professionals evaluate just how they are spending their time each day. Perhaps they are spending too much time on the phones without accomplishing anything. Maybe they are on the web tweaking their website and working on their blog when they could make better use of their time meeting a client.

Technology is already very important in many different areas of real estate. From the high-end websites with beautiful photos, videos, and virtual walkthroughs to mobile apps for real estate agents to learn information about a property on the fly, there are plenty of different ways that technology can make life easier for agents. Time tracking software, available through the computer and through apps, are yet another technology that is helping to make life easier for real estate professionals.

How Does Time Tracking Software Help?

Software to help you keep track of your time can help you as a real estate agent in several different ways. First, they will have actual timers on them, so you can determine just how much time it takes you to do different projects, such as working on your blog. Once you record a few sessions, you can get an average time for any task and then look at ways that you might be able to improve the speed.

Great time tracking software will have a desktop or laptop interface as well as a mobile interface. This is very beneficial for real estate agents who are often in the field. They tend to use their smartphones and tablets for a variety of different real estate related tasks, so keeping track of their time on mobile devices is a very good idea that will come naturally to them.

The software will also often have color features. You can assign different colors to different tasks. For example, you could use green for time spent meeting with new clients, blue for marketing, yellow for showing homes, and red for completing paperwork, and so on. By assigning colors to different tasks, it can make it very easy to see at a glance where you are spending your time and how much time you are spending on each task. This can help to show you where your biggest issues and time wasters might be.

Quality software will not be overly and needlessly complicated either. It should have a nice and simple interface that is easy to understand without too much trouble or practice. It should also offer plenty of features that can grow along with you. Even though you might be a junior real estate agent now, you might one day be a large broker and want to have your agents use the software to help them with their time management and sales.

Talk With Others at the Office About Time Tracking Software

Whether you are a junior real estate agent with a fresh license or you are a broker with years of experience in the business, there is a good chance you could benefit from this type of software. It really can make it far easier for you to know where you are spending your time and to readjust your schedule and your priorities to make the best possible use of your time. However, you may want to think about the other people who are in your office. They might be able to benefit as well, and you might want to suggest that more people start to use the software. It has the potential to make quite a big difference in the overall performance of the company, and that’s extremely exciting.

Consider talking to the others at your office and see if they might be interested in the software. Some might initially balk at the idea simply because they like working on their own and they feel that using the software would be like needing to check in with the boss. That’s not the reason for the software at all. It is there to help you and to show you where you are wasting or losing time.

Once you show your coworkers how the time tracking software has been able to help you, many of them should be more willing to adopt it or at least to consider using it. At the heart of it all, real estate agents tend to be a very competitive group. If it appears as though you are making some nice improvements in your workflow and the number of sales you have, then more agents will be willing to adopt your time tracking software.

Can the Software Really Work?

The software is a great solution, but it is not a magical solution. People who have the software actually need to make use of it all of the time if they want to make the most of its features. If they really do want to see where they are spending their time and streamline their day, they have to be willing to use the software regularly and to actually track their time. That’s the only way to get an accurate picture of how you might be able to change things and save time.


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