Sharing projects in your organisation with Yast time tracking.

Yast Time tracking
I have made a presentation to further explain why Yast is great for both small and big companies when it comes to sharing projects with co-workers for tracking time.

Yast has a unique sharing system with nested groups that allows for both simple time tracking and an advanced hierarchy for managing who has access to different levels of a project tree.

Have a look through this presentation and send us questions and feedback. If you would like it in full screen (recommended), press here

We will continue to improve the sharing system to make it even easier to manage, but don´t hesitate to send us an e-mail to if you have any questions.

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    And now I’ve proven beyond all doubt that, contrary to what I thought, I was NOT able to respond to everyone in a single comment. And I’m the ONLY “Baptist Identity” blogger who would have missed that call from the outset.

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    Yes! Huston’s autobiography is great too. But what I like about these crazy stories (Night of the Iguana and Beat the Devil) is that while they may not be great movies – they really work … so all the backstage stuff is really just gravy – because what matters is on the screen.Beat the Devil did not do well in its original release but its reputation has only grown since then. It’s a lot of fun.

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    Yes, we had different experiences, Doug. I understand the situation you describe. And, I was referring to an entirely different environment. Both are valid.A GOOD IT department (good staff, management (golly, HAS that ever happened? Why couldn’t *I* have been there??!!)) can provide sensible leadership and humble SERVICE? One CAN be both strong AND humble.

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    I will feel a bit of sympathy if he just would just accept his mortality and reflect on his life. But the faux humility of a man asking to be kept alive because he is so transcendent and important that the world cannot continue without him just left me cold and cynical.

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