The Seven Sins of Time Management

Time management tends to be slightly different for various individuals and businesses. This is because everyone has an idea of what they need to do and what they find important. However, when it comes to work, there are some common sins that lead to time mismanagement that affect nearly everyone. Understanding what each of these is and how best to deal with them can help you to improve your personal and business productivity.

Let’s look at some of these sins and the ways that you can avoid them. It is not as hard to do as many people might imagine, and when you make some simple changes, you will find you have more time in the day and that you are more productive at work and home.


Sin #1: Taking on All Responsibilities

How much responsibility do you take on at work right now? Do you feel that you are the only one who can get things done right, and that you have to be the one to take care of all of the projects? Many people feel this way, and it can become a real problem. When you take everything onto yourself, you will find that it can cause undue amounts of stress and pressure, and that the work will actually suffer in the end.

Instead of trying to be a superhero and do it all on your own, it’s time that you started to rely on other people in your team. When you choose those you trust, and that you can train to do the job, you will not have any need to worry. Delegating is even possible when you are working on your own. You can simply outsource some of the work that you can’t do on your own.


Sin #2: Getting Tangled in the Web

The Internet is a powerful ally, while also being a dastardly foe. As much as you love the web for the knowledge it can bring you, there’s always the danger of spending far too much time on the Internet doing unproductive things. Wasting time searching through Google, shopping, and doing other unimportant and time wasting things when you should be working is a real problem with most people today. Cutting the connection to the web when you are working is one of the best things you can do when you are trying to boost your productivity levels.

The web, and the addiction people seem to have to it, can affect your personal time and relationships as well. When you are out, put away the phone and table and pay attention to the people you are with and the experiences you are having. Twitter does not need to know what you are eating right now. When you can focus on the moment, rather than what’s happening on the web, you’ll find that life is more enjoyable and you tend to feel more productive.


Sin #3: Too Much Socialization

Socializing at work is the norm. You have coworkers who become friends and associates, and sometimes you want to talk to them. Talking during break and lunch is fine, and talking about work related issues is no problem either. The trouble happens when people start spending all of their time hanging out at other peoples’ desks rather than actually sitting in their own chair and working. Cutting down on socialization at the wrong time can really help to improve your productivity.


Sin #4: Not Having a Plan

If you start any project without a plan, you are doomed to failure. You need to know where you are going and how you plan to get there. Workers that don’t do this will inevitably make mistakes, and those errors will cost them precious time and energy to fix. When you have a plan and goals – hopefully in the form of a list, it makes it far easier to keep on track. Depending on your goals, the plan can be large and complex, or just as short and simple to-do list. Create a list that works well for you and your current needs. Lists, by the way, are perfect for both work and personal life.


Sin #5: Perpetual Procrastination

Why put off until tomorrow what you can do today? Procrastination is a devilish problem that affects most of us, at least as some level. We all like to relax, and we all like comfort. If given the choice to have a nice day now and have to work harder tomorrow, most would choose the former, even though they knew that the next day would be twice as hard. This habit is one that we all need to break. Working harder today means more relaxation and free time tomorrow, and it means you will be more efficient and productive. It’s time to stop procrastinating.


Sin #6: Too Much Television

Television is one of the original technological time vampires. TV, as much as we love our shows, devours our time at an unprecedented rate. If you have even just a handful of shows that you love watching, then it means that you are spending hours sitting in front of the television each week. You are not being productive during that time, and it is doing nothing for you.

In the past, television shows and movies might not have been a big problem at the workplace. However, with everyone having smartphones that can connect to services such as Netflix or that can house shows and movies, it means that some people are actually watching television while they should be working. TV has its place, but you can’t let it take over your life.


Sin #7: Clutter and Disorganisation

If you have clutter around the office and desk, or through your house, you are making your life more difficult than it needs to be. The mind has trouble working when in a messy environment, and if you have a cluttered area, you could be wasting a lot of time without realizing it, just because it takes you so long to focus.





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