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Many people want more out of their life. They have dreams and goals of doing something more than working a 40-hour week at a job they do not really like. They may want to work for themselves by starting their own t-shirt design or logo design company. Perhaps they want to start putting up videos and making revenue from YouTube. They might even want to sell a screenplay or a novel. No matter what the ultimate goal might be, finding time to work toward it can be difficult.

You need to spend time and effort toward reaching your new goal, but first you need to be able to find that time. Using time trackers is a good way to do that. When you know where you are spending time, you can make the necessary changes to start reaching your goals.



Step One: Time Tracking Software

For those who aren’t tracking their time for a business with several, or hundreds, of employees, as well as for those individuals who want to track their time to see where they might be wasting it, good software is the key. Web-based software that you can access from any computer is a good option, and you should make sure the system also offers mobile apps, so you can track your time even when you are not at home and in front of the computer. The system should be simple to use, and it should provide you with enough features to track all of your various time expenditures and provide you with reports so you can make better sense of them.


Step Two: Track the Right Things

When you are tracking time, make sure that you are tracking the right things. Track the number of hours you are at your regular job during the day, and keep track of how much free time you have at that job, such as breaks and lunch. If you get to work early, do you have an extra fifteen minutes or half an hour before you need to begin?

How much time do you spend watching television and surfing the Internet? Some might not feel this is important to track, but when you are looking for more hours in the week to help you with reaching your new goals, it becomes very important. Many people spend at least two to three hours in front of the television each night, and they spend nearly as much time on the web.

If someone were to average three hours of time on the web and watching television each night during the week, they are spending fifteen hours a week in front of a screen. While it is important to have time to relax and unwind, and television and the web can help with this, you cannot get those hours back. If you are really looking to change your life and to move forward in your next creative or financial endeavor, you need to rethink your priorities.

Of course, you do not want to track everything in your life. Do not track the time you spend with your family or the time you spend sleeping, for example. You also still need to have some leisure time. Use the software to find the hours in the day where you do have time to spare. It might surprise you just how much time you might actually find.


Step Three: Be Honest

You have to be honest when you are tracking your time, as you will not have anyone over your shoulder. If you are spending five hours a night looking at photos of cats online, you have to be honest about that. It doesn’t mean you have to give up your cat watching entirely, but you could cut back to save some hours for other activities during the week!


Step Four: Making the Changes

When you first start tracking your time, do not make immediate changes. Instead, track your time over the course of at least two weeks to a month instead of just a couple of days. This will give you a better and more accurate indicator of your average time usage. You may not like what you find, but that’s okay, because you can change all of that.

If you are spending several hours a night in front of television or on the web, you might be able to cut down that time or put it to better use. The same is true of your breaks at work. Instead of taking a nap or reading the sports scores, make it a point to spend that time working on something for your new creative endeavor. In the previous example of someone who wants to design fun t-shirts, use the time to come up with ideas and sketches. Take time away from the television in the evening to work on turning those ideas into actual designs in editing software. You can do this with any type of activity or endeavor you want once you find the time.

Continue to use the time tracker, and add your new endeavors so you can see how much time you are spending on your journey to your new goal. If you found that you were wasting twenty hours a month, you now have an additional twenty hours that you can add to building your dream.

Time tracking is a perfect tool for anyone who wants to start a business, turn a hobby into a career, or even make his or her current business more efficient. With so many benefits, you should not waste any more time. Get some quality time tracking software in your corner today.


Step Five: Be Patient

Keep in mind that making real change takes time, and you can’t expect to change your ways and utilize your newfound time perfectly in the beginning. You might also have some days where you simply do not have the energy to work on your new project, even though you found the hours. Those days happen to everyone, and it is important to keep positive and tackle the project the next day. When you put in the effort, you will find that time tracking and changing your outlook really will equal results for your new business or project.




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    ork on your new project, even though you found the hours. Those days happen to everyone, and it is important to keep positive and tackle the project the next day. When you put in the effort, you will find that time tracking and changing your outlook really will equal results for your new business or project.


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