Top Reasons to Start Using Time Tracking Software Today

You are already considering using time tracking software, hoping that you might be able to find a few extra hours during the week to finish some of your other projects, or even to gain some deserved downtime.

Finding the Issues in Your Workday

By tracking your time, it is possible to get a better idea of exactly what you and your employees are doing on a daily basis, and that in turn makes it easier to determine where the company is wasting time. It’s not always easy to see on the surface, so the time tracking software helps to give something of a behind the scenes look at what’s happening in the company.

A good example of this is the companies that hold their daily meetings without ever realizing just how much time they are wasting each morning. Even short meetings can waste hours of manpower when you consider the number of employees who are at the meetings. Only have meetings that are truly essential, and limit them to only once a week of you can. While that might not be possible with all companies, it should at least be possible to cut them back a little bit.

Of course, this is not the only type of time waster at most companies. Plenty of other things can waste time as well, including spending too much time with email, wasting time on the net, and more. Tracking your time accurately will show you just how much of the time during your day you are wasting, and that should help to make you want to change your habits. Doing so can make it easier to complete your projects on time.

Let’s look at some of the top reasons to use time tracking software today. It can do wonders for your business whether you are working alone or you have a large contingent of employees. Many quality pieces of software can scale to work with different sized companies.

Increase Productivity Across the Board

When you find wasted time in your day, you can put it to great use in your business or even in your personal life. By having that extra time, you can increase your overall productivity, helping you to complete your daily tasks and your larger projects far more quickly. This efficiency is a great boon for many who are looking for a great way to increase the amount of time they have during the day. Instead of spending hours at work when you should be home, time tracking software ensures you have the knowledge and the tools at your disposal to work smarter rather than harder.

Meet Delivery Dates

When you are using time tracking software, you can see just how much time you and your team are spending on different aspects of a project. This also lets you see how the project is coming along and to note any issues that are arising immediately. This ensures there is no break in the chain that it takes to get out a quality project on time.

It also gives you enough time to see when there are issues and to anticipate what delays they might create. You may be able to shift resources to resolve those issues and delays. If you can’t resolve the issues to complete the project on time, you will still be able to let the upper management or client know that the project will be late. Knowing early, and letting those in charge know, is always a good idea and time management software can help.

Show Your Value to the Managers

Here’s one of the hidden values of time tracking software that you will certainly want to know. It has the potential to show just how much value you have to a company. When you take advantage of the software to improve and streamline your schedule and to become more valuable to the company, it can help to reduce the chance of layoffs. If the management sees that you really are a valued asset to the company, and you have the data from your time tracking to back up that belief, it can help to secure your job.

Of course, there is no guarantee that you will keep your job simply because you track your time. Showing your value has been a tried and true technique of employees who want to shine. Time tracking software makes it easier than ever.

Choose the Right Time Tracking Software

If you plan to track your time, you need to have the right software to help you. Some people have a very low-tech method of tracking their time with pen and paper. Those days are gone though. It’s time to move on to actual computer technology that offers a robust number of options and features. Creating a spreadsheet in Excel to track your time is not a great solution either, since the software was not built with time tracking in mind. It’s a useful spreadsheet tool, but it is not really a time tracker.

You need to have professional quality software if you hope to track your time successfully. Having software specifically created with time tracking in mind is essential. Find a piece of software that has a large feature set that will match your needs. For example, you may be working with a large team, and you will want to have software that you can use together, and that will allow you to share information on joint projects.

Using the Software

When you start using the time tracking software, you need to make sure that you are actually using it to its fullest. Know the ins and outs of the software and the features that you and your business will need. Learn how to use the software and teach everyone at the business who needs to know, which should be nearly everyone. Make sure that everyone understands just how important it is to use the software as well. When everyone is on board with the software, it becomes easier than ever to increase productivity at your business.


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