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When we launched Yast beta in november 2009, we were wondering how the response would be. But when Yast reached the blog-sites, Lifehacker, Downloadsquad, Webworkersdaily, Makeuseof and many more, we had more than enough beta-test users to give us feedback on our time tracking software.
Since then, we have been working continuously to improve yast and meet the requirements of our users.
Here’s the list of what’s new since we launched the beta-version:

General improvements:
– Lots of “under the hood” improvements in general.
– Introduced a premium version
– Login with gmail, google apps or yahoo account.
– Launched at Google apps marketplace
– Been through a major security-analysis from a leading security consultant agency (Ernest & Young). Your data is safe!
– Support at or

– General Settings:
– Date and time in US-formats.
– A translation system based on Google translate that allows for anyone to translate Yast to their language (takes about 3 hours. Send us an e-mail to yast@yast if interested)
– Yast in French and Dutch.
General settings

– Time bar settings:
– Week either starts on Monday or Sunday
– Time bar snaps to 5 or 6 minutes
– Choose week view or day view as default for the time bar
– Choose time range on time bar (default is 06.00 – 20.00/ 6am – 8pm)
– You can drag a time entry to another day in the week view.
– You can copy a time entry in the time bar by pressing CTRL while you click and drag the element you want to copy.
– Combine the two improvements above, and you can make several identical time entries in a few seconds.
– Added some free space above and below a time entry so you can click-drag-drop within the same time span as an existing time entry.
– Hotkey: Ctrl+doubble click in the time bar when you started working, automatically creates a time entry from Start time – Now.

Time bar settings

– Project list:
– Major bug fixes to the project list. Drag and drop of projects and groups now works the way they are intended to.
– Major bug fixes to “nested groups” and “shared nested group” functionality.
– Added “add project” and “add group” buttons in each group. Makes it much easier to build a project-tree. Instead of creating new projects and drag them into the group, this makes it possible to create projects and sub-groups directly in every group.
– Dramatically decreased project loading-time (thank you

But all this is in the past. Within one or two weeks we will also upgrade the following:
– Major stability-fixes
– Custom grouping of time entries in reports.
– Multiple signup for companies. You can start trial or buy premium to multiple users at the same time.
– Improved the system for “guessing” your language if we have Yast in your language. Example: In France, default front page will be French.

– In addition, simple mobile time tracking apps with play/stop functionality will be available pretty soon.
– Our API is under way.

Apart from that we are working on our Yast Calls app. It will be revealed July 20th. Wouldn’t it be great if all your phone calls were tracked automatically to the right project?

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Yast has to be the easiest to use time tracker, period. Keep up the great work! Glenn Murray - Divine Write

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