Yast invited to the prime ministers office

”In the coming year will I and the most affected ministers will invite people from different communities. All the ministers will be in all regions of the country to collect input. We will also use the Web to invite all to participate in the debate. It’s about the country’s most important resource: people.”
– The Norwegian prime ministers new-year speech 2010 –

The Yast entrepreneurs chose to start their business from a little town called Sogndal because of its beautiful surroundings and great opportunities for hiking and ski-sports. Having no prior relations to the town, we have been answering the same question over and over. Why did you move to Sogndal? And now, even the prime minister wants an answer to that question.

Yast is among 9 other entrepreneurial companies invited to the prime ministers office this Monday and our excellent CTO, Jørn Nilsson, will attend on our behalf. Several ministers of the government will attend the meeting. We thought we might suggest that a busy man like him would need an easy time management software.

As Entrepreneurs, we know it´s important to focus on the positive thoughts, because the rest of the world will always think the negative thoughts for you. That is why Yast will use this meeting to express the importance of the social surroundings for the entrepreneur. While officials from the prime ministers have given us strict guidelines not to talk about skiing (because the prime minister loves to talk for hours about skiing), we will focus our message on the importance of an entrepreneurial culture. Where starting businesses is a rule, not an exception. Where students are informed of their possibilities as an entrepreneur rather than an employee. It is important to be among people who see opportunities where others are troubled. That is the entrepreneurial spirit! That is what we want to share!

And of course, we will invite all the ministers to the annual skiing-festival in Sogndal. Fjellsportfestivalen.

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Yast has to be the easiest to use time tracker, period. Keep up the great work! Glenn Murray - Divine Write

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