Yast supports the "update IE 6" campain

Yast have for some time asked IE 6 users to update their browser since Yast are not going to support this format. When launched an international campaing to export IE 6 to the museum application, Yast got inspired to support this campain with a browser-cartoon for their IE 6 visitors. Enjoy and share the campaign! (feel free to use the cartoon)

Click the cartoon to enlarge

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  • 9ezZsUmb0gc6 says:  (@ztt0boBkD)

    HiI am also trying to get the detoskp client for parleys (beta), but no matter what I try, I never get to see the get parleys detoskp install ribbon. Maybe because I previously had the old parleys version installed? Maybe because I am on linux? I tried removing adobe air completely, and tried a few different browsers but no luck so far. Is there maybe a direct download url somewhere?thanks in advanceJan

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    Thanks, Ginger — I am so happy to hear your voice again in my comments; I know how hard you’ve been working, and I am really looking forward to hearing that you’re taking time OFF!! I loved the people of Rwanda and the Heifer projects there have so much promise…. but really, the most amazing experience was having Lulu along on the journey, and realizing how much she saw and felt.

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  • gbxJG4LsQ says:  (@Ivvs0i1oNc)

    Francisco:A visita ao “Psitacídeo” valeu bem a trabalhêra de copiar o endereço, mais umas tantas clicadelas para lá chegar…Rui Silva:Resumindo… uma besta!Dulcineia:És bem capaz de ter razão… mas vou para onde… e fazer o quê?Abreijos!

  • bAEPEAz19 says:  (@dcmrcfV93C)

    i want my video to start playing as soon as my youtube loads up, but i can't seem to do it. any solutions.and no please dont tell me to add autoplay to the embedded cause it wont work on youtube.

  • 9PtTF9o0y5I says:  (@knBJw1Mk5xB)

    لا لا ابد اخوي محمد المدونة مدونتك و حياكأنا أتشرف بخدمتك و خدمة كل زوار المدونة بس ياليت يا أخوي محمد تبين لي لاني والله كل يوم اغير أشياء بالمدونة من 12 الى 20 مرةاعطني رابط الصفحة او التدوينة الي شفت انها تغيرت و ابشر اعلمك الطريقة

  • ObJ8xolRr says:  (@yZ82oOnC4AFB)

    Steph…that’s awesome! I don’t have the PMBP but I did purchase the PMOD…the one where he shows you how to use public records to find local private money, etc.I still haven’t had time to get through it…..but I’ll get there……Congrats on taking action…can’t wait to hear your stories about getting some private money!

  • N6pHnFeFbr says:  (@YUBwDKnL)

    Eric, thank you so much for your feedback! You’re so right about the time spent – normally, a post takes me 1 1/2 to 2 hours to put together (and that’s not even counting recipe creation and testing, + photographs!); this one took me just 20 to 30 minutes. I’m sure I could post more often if I posted this way!

  • 0kjHV0YQ2q7r says:  (@OECN9UOh)

    accesului la internet intr-o sala de restaurant mi se pare de-a dreptul futila. In schimb obligatia legala de a oferi spatii separate pentru nefumatori intr-un local de alimentatie publica e cu mult mai importanta si iata ca de vreo 3 ani legea mai degraba nu se aplica decit se aplica. Iar asta afecteaza direct sanatatea consumatorilor, aici nu sint dispute intre cercetatori si medici.

  • eMD8wdBi says:  (@sFU05c1M)

    “what i meant is fallon did nothing directly to channel the ad for internet”gorilla was seeded on the net by hyper, fallon’s digital arm, it was recut with different music and reposted and sent to youtube bloggers spurring people on to do their own versions and send them back all helping the gorilla become part of the online consciousness.Its a fucking great ad that was very cleverly clearly have no idea what your talking about.

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    I saw a lot of website but I believe this one holds something extra in it. “The gods are just, and of our pleasant vices Make instruments to plague us.” by William Shakespeare.

  • uvGvjSikCoMD says:  (@EYFsLA57H)

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  • kdwf3AKsZ3ox says:  (@q5sS3rnHFoz)

    If you take into account state taxes,sales taxes, local taxes. excise taxes and social security taxes the wealthiest americans actually pay less as a percentage of their income than someone making 100K or less.

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    Thank You very much for writing such an honest inspiring book…I have re-joined WW for the fifth time in my life and this time I am going to reach goal…It is very much a process…I have learned much about myself and weight-loss through the years…I am 60 now and I think I am getting it…I have never felt better…Well I have, except this time it’s gonna last longer and just ‘Be’ a way of life…It will be another process becoming and staying a ‘lifetime’ member…I realize now it can work for me…Thank You so much…

  • Krg8EOTLoK says:  (@faxK20XTCNUa)

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  • neHep1VRRMDj says:  (@ns5bwad5D)

    I think knowledge and imagination work hand in hand. The most creative people will often be very intelligent as well. I hard to think of people being very imaginative with a limited knowledge base.

  • s64G1epVV says:  (@ghBX4kl6KZAi)

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  • MwBGAQ4j says:  (@YuTudbAeyfq)

    Foarte frumos, intr-adevar. Ultima fraza, cel putin, aproape ca ma face sa plang. Prostia romanilor ma face, insa, sa plang de-a binelea. Make love, not jaguar!PS – postul e cu atat mai bun cu cat ii impresioneaza si pe vizitatorii care scriu “fratii nostrii”. Good point, deci, Iulian, GOOD GOOD point! 😀

  • y7xl7Y8t says:  (@XIT8C6vFBiZr)

    I also once saw on ESPN where they had a guy catching a football after it bounced off two colliding players. The ball actually sailed backwards, and this player, Frank O. Someone scooped it up just before it hit the ground! One of the top 1,000 plays in the NFL, for sure.

  • kXdUApzh says:  (@V8yLkGBzPll)

    Well it’s rather late here, and my error has created a shit storm, I wont be making this error again.I posted my original response carelessly, and then replied again to lisa458 to agree with her. This was before you rode in to town and decided to split hairs a bit more.I don’t have any problems admitting I got it wrong, its really no big deal given where this discussion is taking place and for what reason.

  • F8YyxGCsVOm says:  (@2hDlVShmD0)

    kalau saya nggak bisa mengira-ira Mba Tapi kan yang namanya trafik kan enakan yang naik turun Mba, kadang2 juga naik tajam dan turun tajam, seiring dengan semangatanya pemilik blog he..he.. ngacau (dot) com. .-= Badruz´s selesai [nulis] ..Buku “Cikeas Menjawab” =-.Jangan-jangan Mas Badruz yang biasanya berkunjung sekali, jadi sepuluh kali?

  • rUkNPHMz3 says:  (@8yoZaiMwqu)

    I should just do it…anyway, that’s actually how I found this blog. Someone linked to it as an example of homophobia, and in an age of mincing words, I loved how you weren’t afraid to say what you thought, even though you’d be railed against by those who preach of tolerance, but can’t seem to tolerate anyone who thinks differently than them. I shared it with my husband, and he stayed because he enjoys the conversations here.

  • axzs93Az says:  (@s0ZGfTVLEhE)

    Coronel,espero que tenha se preparado corretamente. Esconda a carteira e não leve nada de valor, como trancelim, relógio, celular de última geração e até a roupa deve ser modesta. Boa viagem.

  • QGhPn80j5 says:  (@C1WgcymP)

    The fact is FOD could put on a David Archuleta Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall virtual concert and still have music left over to start all over again. Are there any seasons I’ve missed? lol

  • Mu3KdMUn says:  (@hjXjoXHP)

    That´s true, seeing as I am a very small part of this chain, things take a while. ^^Also no sugar is a good idea, just make sure you have some healthier form of carbohydrates like fruit or whole-grain bread or you will at some point succumb to your cravings.

  • ngFHaTvZkY says:  (@bMdyriv87t)

    Why can’t we have special magical autism programs that cost no money, John? We’ve got to reach out to those poor families and do something about it, but not if it costs anything? Is that what you are saying?Nuke!!! Nuke! Tell the people around Yucca Mtn that we can store that waste with “no problem”, John.

  • GpIJSHT1YfN says:  (@V35UiVBN)

    Hello there!! I am linked up right after you!! Your Biscotti looks so delish!! I am sure you linked this up over at WholeHearted Home too!! See you there :-)

  • aNe8LHzBg1 says:  (@ju0jr9fdf)

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  • YBAIWF0g says:  (@C9mdEgAU1m)

    I’m impressed. You’ve really raised the bar with that.

  • 79qj7VxaSID says:  (@CR2xaG0sUEnZ)

    Vedi simone,un tempo ti volevono consumatore, quando eravamo anche produttori. Ora, poichè in Italia produciamo pochissimo per non dire nulla, non gli interessiano piu’ neanche come consumatori. Quindi queste politiche neoliberiste portano alla morte fisica e psicologica delle persone per ovvi motiviPotranno contiunare a consumare (meno…) quelli che hanno da parte delle risorse (case, terreni..) sperando nella salute

  • GtZ59N2hdSjX says:  (@G1dVyME9)

    Wiola / Najgorzej to mieć jakiekolwiek długi. Jak nie ma się długów, to nie ma obaw, że kiedyś będzie jakaś windykacja. A wystarczy maleńki kredyt i to ryzyko wzrasta o 50% już

  • n9gAgcGzb says:  (@RwemYRkuRf)

    Too bad your son broke his wrist, and hopefully he will find a use for the shoes. My son also prefers other styles, but since joining the gym, he has developed a better appreciation for tennis shoes with better support.


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