Time Tracking Boosts Productivity

Everyone who owns a company or manages one strives to increase productivity levels, but this is not always easy, especially when you don’t know where all the time goes. However, time tracking software can be a real help in this area. Some companies might already be using this sort of program to help them with their payroll, but they may not realize just how beneficial it can be when it comes to eliminating waste. When working with the right program, it is actually easy to take the time tracking info and apply it to reorganizing the way they work.

Time Tracking Helps in Many Ways

When you track where and how you are spending your time, you will discover just how helpful it can be in a number of different areas at your workplace. Simply recording what you are doing with your time can be illuminating. You might discover that you are spending more time on the web than you need, or that you are spending hours in meetings each week. Once you identify the areas that are taking up the bulk of your time, you can then work on ways to eliminate the waste, or at least to reduce it.

Client Billing and Estimates

Time tracking is also a great way to track the amount of time that you and your workers are actually spending on the project, which can make client billing far more accurate. They will benefit from this, and you will have far more accurate data letting you know just how much time you will likely need to spend on future projects that are similar. This allows you to create accurate estimates.

It also sets up goals for you and your employees. You know that the project should take X amount of time based on previous projects, and unless there are unforeseen complications, this should be the target goal. Having those measurable goals is a good motivator, as it gives people something toward which they can strive rather than some nebulous and undefined goal.

Reduce Inefficiencies

Tracking time shows you where your company is running efficiently, and where you need improvement. You can find wasted time in your own tracking results, as well as your employees. Once you know you are losing time, you can start to look at just what is causing those issues. Perhaps you are running too many meetings, and it is slowing productivity. Curb most of the meetings and only keep those that are necessary. Maybe people are spending too much time on break or at lunch, or you notice that people are on the Internet when they should be working.

Workers, even ones that are considered the best workers, tend to waste time here and there. By locating those “little” time wasters and the big ones, you can eliminate them. It won’t happen overnight, but taking a stand now can help your company become more profitable and productive before long.

How Does This Boost Productivity?

Most of the time, people do not realize just how much time they are wasting and how much they are costing the company. When they start to track their time, they will have a better idea of where they are losing time, and thus productivity, through the day. Once you see the issues your company has with time management, you can start to take care of them. Chances are that you did not even know they existed previously. The knowledge you have will help you to develop a good plan that will help to boost the office productivity. Once you have that plan in place, you’ll find that it creates an efficient workplace that is happier overall.

What Do You Need to Do?

Employers who already have software for their payroll might find that it offers other reporting features as well to keep track of where all the time goes. However, if the software does not offer these features, it is a good idea to look for some other software specifically geared toward tracking time. Getting a program that works via the cloud and that is accessible from all web-connected devices is a good option, as it means you don’t have to install it on each individual computer at work. They can access it through the Internet. This is also a good choice for those who have employees who work away from the main office.

Once you start to collect the data, you do not want to make judgments and sweeping changes too quickly. Instead, collect the data for between four to six weeks. This will give you the time to get an accurate picture of where the biggest time drains are coming from in the company. Keep in mind too that once you have them start tracking their time, they will be very conscious of what they are doing in the beginning. This means that the first couple of weeks will not necessarily be the true way that they work. Giving it more time lets them revert to their normal habits, so you can see where the trouble is.

After you understand how the employees are using their time on a daily basis, you can move on toward implementing some changes that will help to make them more productive. For example, you can put limits on their online access to keep them from surfing the web when they should be working. You can prohibit personal phone calls unless it is an emergency. Little things such as these can help everyone to understand just how important it is to actually work while at work.

Hopefully, tracking the time will also let you find some other issues and redundancies at the workplace that have less to do with the employees and more to do with the structure of the business. Though you don’t want to admit that the way the business runs could be a problem with productivity, if you find it, then it means you can address it. When you can fix these larger problems, it can help everything run more efficiently companywide.


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